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Fnatic play
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The International Warm Up Rules Union (TIWURU)

1.0 Rules concerning grenades during warmup.

  1.1 You are NOT allowed to throw flash or smoke grenades.
  1.2 You are ONLY allowed to throw HE grenades if the
  leaders from both teams agrees on it.

2.0 Rules concerning regular play during warmup.

  2.1 You are NOT allowed to use any form of tactics.
  2.2 You are NOT allowed to camp or position yourself in strange
  or unusual locations. Not in spawn, not behind walls,doors etc.
  2.3 You and your teammaters are not allowed to coordinate any
  sort of team work

3.0 Rules concerning regular behavior during warmup.

  3.1 You should not talk excessivly, neither using voice chat or
  regular text chat. Adjust your shouting and public messaging to
  an absolute perfect level.
  3.2 Keep your dirty hands off the A-W-P! If you need to use any
  sniper rifle during warmup, please refer to the Scout rifle.

4.0 Rules concerning time

  4.1 The warmup lasts until the last player has arrived the
  server and joined the correct team.
  4.2 The last player has 5 -- thats __FIVE__ -- minutes to
  arrive at the server after the hosting team is complete and
  ready. The time limit may be shortened according to the hosting
  teams own will and feelings.