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What 2005 will bring..
by dyret on 17.12.2004
We have started to plan our intentions for 2005, and we are looking forward to finally be able to focus 100% this season, as we haven't been able the last year(s) because of the lovely norwegian army and for other reasons.

At the moment these events are planned and ready, and we ARE attending them:

Optihack, gothenburg 6-9. january.
VOC, sarpsborg 22-26. february.

OsloLAN/The Gathering this easter will be discussed later, but we WILL attend one of them.As you can see, the first event is Optihack in january. This event will host a massive counter-strike tournament where many of the worlds best team will attend. The lineup for this event will be: Azaz1n, dyret, eon, nVy and X-qu, while JT will hang out with us and celeberate our losses during the competition :D We will bootcamp for about a week before this event, but we mainly attend this competition to get some more experience and with a bit of luck the bootcamp will turn our tactics into something more than a mix team :)

The next event is VOC, a local lan-party with about 270 people. We have won this tournament the two last years, and always looking forward to have some fun there.

In january we also start our cooperation with a new firm who will be selling gaming gear (to norwegian gamers :) for cheap prices. Hopefully this will make us able to attend even more events in 2005 and we are sure this will make us able to be more flexible for all kinda tournaments.

It will be a great year :D